When I experience something that is life changing I must share it with you!

Belinda Davidson is one of the top medical intuitives in the world & one of my teachers. Plain and simple, her chakra cleanse is a must have for everyone.

This guided meditation takes you through all your chakras so that you can cleanse, heal, and balance them in order to attract the right energy in your life.

As Belinda says, in order to change your life you must first change your energy.

This guided MP3 is as important as taking a shower. If you were dirty you would clean yourself off, however, because most people can’t “see” their chakras and their energy body they ignore it and start to feel sluggish, depressed, fearful etc.

This gem will be in your tool kit for the rest of your life! I try to do mine daily because of the work that I do and it has changed my energy in so many ways. When first starting out I recommend 1-2 times a week. Then move up to 3-4 or more if you feel called.

**Please note: this does not replace personalized coaching or healing sessions, rather it acts as a compliment to your inner work.

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