Virtual Moon Circle & Healing Ritual

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Here’s what people have said about these calls:

“Beautiful experience, Danielle. I cracked open during the jewel meets rose visualization. Tears and love.  Getting out of my way now and going with the flow of energy. Thank you so much for your guidance. xo – Valeria

“AMAZING call last night! Feeling lighter and ‘cleaner’ afterwards! Thank you! – Shari

“Wow Danielle!! I am so glad I was on that call! The energy that moved, the light that came in, the release that took place, the love that took over. It was beautiful. Its truly amazing when you can connect to source how powerful we are. Thank you, your gifts are so appreciated. Hugs to you and your beautiful soul! – Beth

“I went somewhere else during that healing and it truly takes a lot to get me out of my logical. Thank you for helping me help my soul danielle. You’re a gift, these calls are divine. – Julie

“I enjoyed the call as well. I definitely had a shift and some deep meditation. Thank you for sharing your gift!-  Kilee 

“The call was absolutely amazing! Thank you sister – Amanda 


:: Additional Testimonials ::

“So that’s what it feels like to actually be in your body…wow.  I have never felt that grounded before…so stable, so strong, so rooted.  I may have to keep this circle to refer back!  Thank you so much Mama Bear!  As always, incredibly beautiful!”- Hannah

“I just cleansed my chakras in a new way and said to myself, “This literally is the most beautiful moment I have ever felt within my body” You got right through to where I needed the most help. I wept and felt such a tingling sensation throughout this call. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Danielle, for the soul that you are.”- Aparna

“WOW!!! I’ve always loved your full moon circles but this one by far was the best! (I think I’ve been joining almost every time for a little over a year). I mean everything you said resonated with me & the healing was incredible!!! Everything you said about holding things physically in your body, I sooo believe that whole heartedly (I’m a massage therapist & I can sooo feel it). You did a beautiful job sharing what you learned. Bali sounds amazing I have that on my list! Thank you, thank you, thank you Danielle!!!” – Jill

“Thank you thank you thank you Mama Bear- you have outdone yourself. That was one of the most beautiful healings that I have ever experienced. You truly are such a light! It truly was incredibly beautiful. It makes me feel so excited and so very blessed to be working with you this Fall.” – Hannah

 :: Other testimonials ::

“Can I just say… Wow. This was everything I needed to validate what I’ve been feeling and what I needed to hear. This retrograde (while technology) has been a bit of a tumultuous brat, I can’t even begin to explain how on the head you are about going back and revisiting what you have pushed aside or what not. That’s what I felt out of your circle today. With a slow streaming drop of a tear on each side and a huge grin on my face. I can’t thank you enough Danielle. For just being you. You are just so real. It’s refreshing. I totally don’t remember how I discovered you.. Or who turned me on to your pages, but you are such a beam of lovely light in the world. It makes me smile knowing there are people out there like you giving so selflessly to help others find their truth and light and make our world a better place.  You rock. Thank you so much.” – Aimee, Los Angeles, CA


“This was my FIRST call and I did not quite know what to expect! Ironically, I started out telling myself that I just could not meditate today and you helped me really dive deeper into myself (and a different kind of self) to finally work productively on something I have been trying to work on for the past few months. I even cried in the middle of the call. It is worth it to take your guidance, breathe, let go, and just “surrender”. I feel blessed to be able to take in this knowledge on such an auspicious day for myself.” – Aparna 


“Such a beautiful full moon call! I loved combination of healing, meditation, & journaling that we did. My higher self was very clear and said, “let go and the magic will happen”. So perfect. Thanks so much Danielle.” – Hannah


:: Why I created these sacred circles :: 

There is valuable ancient wisdom that you can receive with the moon phases, changing of seasons and transformative events such as eclipses.

When you learn to apply that knowledge through ritual and teachings you can integrate the traditions and the natural cycles of the Universe into your modern day life.

That is where I come in. I help provide a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds in a practical, modern day approach!

Let’s face it, you’re a modern material girl/guy living and dipping their toe into a spiritual world. I get it because it’s the story of my life! And for added bonus, (drumroll please…) I’m a master at making sense out of what feels like makes no sense! There is a reason for everything we just have to open ourselves up to the divine intelligence occurring around and within us – and we will do that together.

There is magic that happens when we connect with the Universal life force energy and bring it down to a practical level.


:: The virtual circle :: 

We come together and create a sacred circle filled with music (just like in ancient drum circles) to help raise your vibration and ground and unite our heartbeats with the sacred rhythms of the universe. Remember, energy is not limited to space and time so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. We will all be uniting our energies together to create more than we can on our own. Intention is everything and we will raise the energy of the group so that we can manifest at a higher frequency.

You don’t need to know anything about astrology to jump on the call as I will explain everything in an easy to understand language that I am known for.


:: Testimonials from previous calls ::


“Just finished your circle . It was so beautiful and moving,  I could feel the energy moving through my body. It was the most powerful circle so far. At times my body was  buzzing with energy. Thank you for sharing.”- Carla, Canada


“Yet another beautiful full moon call Danielle! So much synchronicity felt tonight from thoughts and feelings I had journaled this week and so much soulful wisdom, I had to listen again and take notes! Thank you for your vulnerability, every time it encourages me to be vulnerable too and that is a beautiful gift! Always feel so connected to my truth after these calls! Filled with gratitude tonight and reminded to always choose love…thank you” – Elisa, Australia


Loved, loved, loved last night! thank you! it felt like the most powerful one yet. So much has been released and I’m feeling so much more grounded after a few tough weeks. You are making some serious magic! Thank you!!!” – Diana


“Beautiful soul circle tonight! Many thanks, feel very lifted and connected..and renewed.
As I was seeing the stars, you were speaking about seeing stars – fantastic connection.
I was completely moved. Thank you so much.
With each soul circle..I become more connected.
Tonight I added candles and stones during ritual along with the moon shining in on me from my bed room window, it was very magical!
Again thank you for this soul circle, it is worth far more than the energy exchange you ask.
Love and Light.”
– Amie


“Just stepped out of my warm and cozy salt bath after a super intense yet amazing healing session hosted by Danielle Paige. It was the most intense one yet. I connected with my beautiful higher self and released a ton of junk! You must sign up for next month’s SOULcial Media Circle! It is lovely, magical, and super cleansing. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time with other beauties and goddesses in their own right.” – Lissette


“Danielle, you are a masterful teacher of energy and astrology. I felt so held and supported throughout the entire call, and am already feeling the energetic shifts! I can’t believe how much jam-packed wisdom and info you poured into this call. Epic I love you” – Heather Waxman


“Wow. I wasn’t able to do be on the live call yesterday because I got caught up in embracing some kick ass new amazing energy yesterday, BUT I just listened to it and am feeling full of tearful gratitude. It was beautiful and really, really well done. I absolutely loved it and I hope you are proud of what you were able to give and share. Thank you so so much!” – Lynn Reilly


“I wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to trust my intuition and join last night’s call. I waited until the moon was out to listen to the call. It was truly magical and I’m still buzzing today. I feel very connected and peaceful, which I sadly haven’t felt in a long time. Thank you again for leading this incredible group experience. I’ll definitely join the next.” – Summer


“It was soul cleansing, they all are. I’m so very grateful that you offer these sessions to us.They’re are very powerful and meaningful in my life. Helps me be more connected” – Xoxo Adriana


“Just listened to the replay! Wow, powerful circle. I felt so relaxed, I was right there in the guided space and let it all go. Thank you! Loved the format, the messages, the meditations, it was amazing. Thank you xoxo” – Kelley


“Wow what a call! Thank you for sharing your divine wisdom, it totally resonated with every cell of my being. So awesome!”- Katie


“That was SO beautiful!! OMG. The drum music…I couldn’t NOT move. It was divine”- Heather Waxman


“I just listened to the replay of the full moon virtual call. So powerful and just what I needed. If you were able to hear me you would definitely have heard me giggling at everything that you said that was so spot on and just what I needed to hear. I was able to clear up a lot of energetic ties that kept me bound to an ex. I really took a lot away from this call and feel so at peace!”
– Sabrina


“Great call last night!! I loved the combination of information and guided energy work!”- Mae


“Thank you for guiding us all to that inner peace we all so desire” – Beth


“Great call Danielle! Thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from it. Looking forward to more in the future!” – Shari


“Thank you! Your circle far exceeded my expectations and touched my heart.” – Barbara


“Holy shit girl. No words, that call was awesome. ” – Veronica




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