The SOULover

You’re a Goddess and it’s time that you see your soul for who you really are.

This 4 week package is a custom coaching, astrology & healing makeover for YOUR soul and is right for you if you’re not getting the results that you want in life right now.

– Are you confused about your purpose?
– Are you feeling hopeless?
– Are you down on yourself about love?
– Are you hearing the call to stop seeking outside distractions
and get in touch with your soul?
– Are you unclear why you’re not attracting the experiences that you truly desire?

This package will jump-start your journey of self-discovery so that you can find your purpose and bring more love and happiness into your life!


– Awareness of the bigger plan for your soul
– Clarity on what you came here to do
– Confidence in yourself
– Direction on where & how to move forward
– Purpose in life

Your SOULover journey will begin with an in-depth session of your birth chart – the energetic imprint of your soul. Have you tried regular coaching before and it was not enough? This is my secret weapon – it allows me to dive deep into your soul and get to the truth of what you came here to do. This is how we find your life purpose.

By doing so you will understand where your soul came from (past life energy) and how that energy is still influencing you today.

Among the many aspects we will cover, I will bring to light your karmic lessons and how to work through them with ease. I will also identify old behavioral patterns that need to be let go of and how you can begin to use your energy differently so that you can attract more positive experiences into your life. 

Future Trends

Have you ever wondered why you’re going through a certain phase or why you’re feeling a particular way?

Knowing is half the battle and eases the pain when you can understand and shed light on the bigger picture i.e. the spiritual lessons behind the energy coming in for you.

Healing (*intro)

Based on the past life energies in your chart as well as my connection to spirit we will clear the subconscious patterns that are holding you back.

*For more in depth healing see Evolve below

In addition you get:

– 4 one-on-one sessions throughout our time together
– Free MP3 chakra cleanse guided meditation included (this will be in your tool kit for the rest of your life!)
– Recordings of your sessions to review at your convenience

* Your pay in full investment = $2222 or  Payment plan option: 2 payments (bi weekly) of $1177


$2222 (US Dollars)

4 deep dive soul sessions


Have you tried regular coaching before and still didn’t get the results you desired?

It’s because in order to change your life you must work on an energetic level not just the mental plane alone. You must heal your subconscious patterns and this takes TIME to EVOLVE.


– To develop or achieve gradually.
– To work (something) out;
– To undergo gradual change; develop.

…You don’t jump into your purpose, you EVOLVE

…You don’t wave a magic wand and step out of your karma, you EVOLVE

My journey so far has revealed to me many things, but one thing is for sure….

…the breaking down and the rebuilding of your true self, the confusion, the questions, the crying, the feeling separate, the not knowing where to go or what to do IS all part of the process.

Many of you must undergo INNER transformation in order to reconnect with your INNER MAGIC.

And what you need is someone who has been through the dark side to show you the LIGHT.

You don’t have to walk this path alone and wonder what books to read, what programs to do, and who to ask those questions to that all your friends will think you’re nuts for.

You’re not nuts…you’re just tapping into something deeper…you’re EVOLVING Which is why I created this new 1:1 coaching program.

Allow me to take you on this handcrafted journey of your mind, body, and soul.

– This is for you if you want to tap into your intuition more and understand how to have more peace and love yourself (body included!)

– This is for you if you’re hungry for real change and have been asking for the right person to guide you through it.

– This is for you if you’re a sensitive soul and feel confused on your path and purpose. You know you’re here for something great but you’re having trouble figuring it out.

– This is for you if you to get UNSTUCK and heal and clear your blocks on a subconscious level to live a happier life.

-This is also for coaches who want to take their brands to a higher level by understanding more about your purpose/brand, timing for launches, etc.

If you fit in one of the above categories it’s time for a guide to take you higher.

This program is 10 session 1:1 coaching/healing program to:

– Discover your soul’s purpose

– Bring to light your past life gifts that you’re suppressing

– Strengthen your energy body to support your goals

– Reprogram you subconscious behaviors

– Teach you how to protect your energy

– Help you tap into your intuition

– Learn the difference between ego and spirit

– And so much more!

You will EVOLVE your mind, body, and spirit.

This is everything the SOULover is + MORE healing and integration.

What it includes

– 10, 1 hr sessions

(This includes full birth chart reading to understand your purpose, your karma, and your soul’s destiny as well as future trends to see the energy coming in and what cycles you’re at in life and how to work with them, as well as healing sessions).

– Email support as questions come up

– Custom designed Soul-work each week to keep you on track

– Free MP3 chakra cleanse guided meditation included (this will be in your tool kit for the rest of your life!)

– Recordings of your sessions to review at your convenience

Your investment in yourself is:
Option 1: Single payment of $4997. Book here to get started
Option 2: Non refundable deposit – $1,111 then 3 monthly payments of $1,333

You can book directly here and get started!

$4997 (US Dollars)

10 deep dive soul sessions

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