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Wellness Wonderland Radio

A fun interview with Katie Dalebout, an author, speaker, coach and yoga teacher! In our conversation we talk about energy, your birth chart, intuition and some fun tips to increase your abilities as well!

(Air date: January 2015)


Soul Luminous Radio

Listen to my candid journey from lost to love and find out why your birth chart is a map of your soul’s journey and more.
(August 2014)


– The Marilu Show

Live interview with Marilu Henner on the Marilu Show where I talk about Mercury Retrograde and dive deeper into what Astrology is and how it’s relevant to you.


– Latte of Heaven on Blog Talk Radio

Live interview with Psychic Medium, Melissa Hevenor where I explain what Astrology is and take live callers for readings. (October, 2013)





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