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BOUNDARIES look at the word boundARIES Aries! Aries is independent. Aries is a leader. Aries puts itself first. Aries is self reliant. Tap into that part of yourself to develop your boundaries. Your solar plexus will thank you. *** When I see someone that does everything for other people and jumps when someone says to, […]

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Spiritual practice applied to everyday life

A practical approach from this realistic Taurus So….I’m traveling to London, Turkey, & Switzerland over the holidays for about 3 weeks. Doing it alone and then meeting up with a group. Don’t know anyone and super excited to meet new fellow wanderlust travelers from all over the world. I’m doing this because I walk my […]

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Your energy guide on dreams, spirit, and mercury going direct.

On dreams….on spirit….and mercury going direct…. I have been meaning to write this and talk about this subject. Especially after a dream I had the other day that “seemed” to not make any sense until I woke up this morning and read an email from a very popular teacher/business coach of something that just happened […]

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Connection to Spirit.

  Whether you believe it or not you DO have a connection to spirit. It’s one of the beautiful gifts of being a human being. However, it’s up to you (free-will) to tap into the energy that is all around you. I promise it’s not as hard as you think. These simple steps can create […]

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