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Turning 30 is a Turning Point in Your Life and It’s Not Just Hype!!!!

Beautiful new client today with 5 planets in Scorpio!!!! Ohhhh how I LOVE souls with depth!   And people always come to me at the right time. She wants direction because she’s feeling a little lost and wants to know about her purpose.   She’s 29. This is a huge transitional time for people.   […]

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Saturn in your birth chart

Soul contracts and your karmic responsibility::   It is not uncommon for people who have Saturn in the 4th house in their birth chart to have experienced a heavy childhood where they had to act as the parent in some way or take on a huge responsibility.   I’ve seen this time and time again […]

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Saturn and Marriage – Is It A Match Made In Heaven?

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions such as, “When will I get married?” “Why aren’t I married yet?” “Is it going to happen etc…”   ALL valid questions of course! There are many ways to answer this and many things to look at in your birth chart in order to figure this out […]

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