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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

 Picture taken by me in Ephesus, Turkey.  It’s an original carving from circa 300 bc of Mercury the winged messenger (look at his feet!) originally known as Hermes from the Greeks then Mercury by the Romans.     {Astro cheat sheet}  MR starts January 5th – 1 degree Aquarius Moves into Capricorn on January 9th […]

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Your energy guide on dreams, spirit, and mercury going direct.

On dreams….on spirit….and mercury going direct…. I have been meaning to write this and talk about this subject. Especially after a dream I had the other day that “seemed” to not make any sense until I woke up this morning and read an email from a very popular teacher/business coach of something that just happened […]

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New Moon & Mercury Retrograde energy together!? Here’s the story!

Ok, let’s get to it and dive into the 2 big energies we have going on… 1) New moon at 26 degrees of Taurus. Exact last night (5-17-15) at 9:13 pm pst (Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. The energy is actually still very potent for another 48 hrs. I got you!) 2) Mercury goes retrograde […]

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New Moon in Aquarius & Mercury Retrograde

You’ve been hearing it and yes it’s true. Tuesday, January 20th brings with it the first new moon of 2015.  (Insert collective sigh of relief). Psst…I’m not sure for what but I have a feeling that’s how you’re feeling. So I’m honoring it. Yes. I love you too! Along with the new moon there are 2 […]

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A Positive Spin on Mercury Retrograde…It’s Not Always About The Confusion…

  As the title says, it’s not always about the confusion rather Mercury retrograde is an OPPORTUNITY to REthink and REdiscover new things about yourself and your journey in life. However, you will be happy to know that we are nearing the final days of this Mercury retrograde cycle! On Sunday, November 10th Mercury will begin […]

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Mercury Retrograde…At The Corner Of Karmic Messages & Confusion

I’ve found myself lately…even more so than before…being consumed with reading, learning, and expanding my mind. (Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to introduce you to my Sagittarius rising!)  This week I’ve gone “inside”. I have a list of books I want read, a pile of books checked out from the library, and I’m probably single-handedly supporting the […]

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