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Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse : Light your FIRE!

Here we go! Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo Activation :: So you’re wondering what the heck is going on? You’ve been reading about the full moon lunar eclipse super blue red orange pink? moon and feeling even more confused. Here’s your cosmic skinny in terms you can understand. Not every full moon is a […]

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January Energy Forecast

January 2018 – Follow your heart’s sacred fire. Your body is your temple.  Words you’ve heard before. But what does that really mean? How do you take this information and integrate it into your daily life? How do you Move With your body in a way that it ignites your soul as well?  Let me […]

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Mercury :: How We Process Information

How it comes through our filter (the sign) and how we share this info with others.  ** Mercury in Aries – I think about something for 5 seconds then I’m onto a new subject because I already figured it out. Why are you still talking about it?   Mercury in Taurus – I think I need […]

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Energy Shift: Saturn moves into Capricorn

We have an energy shift that means business and you’ll be feeling it in your bones, literally! Saturn, the planet of responsibility, discipline, structure etc. is moving into its sign of Capricorn which also represents all those keywords so there’s a double emphasis on sorting through, taking serious stock in, examining, restructuring, and rebuilding the […]

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Timing and Cycles of Your Life

People often think they are running out of time but everything happens in cycles. I see it time and time again in astrology. We go through personal cycles when the planets in the sky activate the planets in your birth chart. They act as a push, an opening, a release valve, etc. Sometimes you can’t […]

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Sagittarius Energy :: Moving to higher visions

  Energy Change :::   There’s an abundant energy of faith and optimism in the air right now for everyone to harness. However, some of this will feel more muted and internal than normal….let me explain….   The sun has made its way out of water filled Scorpio and is now moving through the dynamic and […]

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One Reason Why the Spiritual Journey Is SO Hard

On the spiritual journey…. One reason why the spiritual journey is so hard… ….Because people want answers that make sense to them right NOW. Most of what is happening doesn’t make sense to the logical part of the brain that wants to define it. We as humans try to control, try to compartmentalize, try to […]

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What Every Mystical Woman Should Know

Dear Sacred, Mystic Woman:: I hear you and I feel you and I want you to know this…. You must be connected to something deeper. You must find what it is that makes your heart beat faster. You must find the truth in your heart. You must find the reason(s) why you came back to […]

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Jupiter in Scorpio Energy Shift

:: Jupiter in Scorpio Energy Shift :: We have a shift coming up and it will be taking your love to another level.  Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 10th, 2017 until November 8th, 2018 and this collective energy will be a shift in a deeeeep way.  Jupiter is a planet of growth and it […]

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:::: YOUR SOLAR ECLIPSE GUIDE ::::   H U G E energy update that you’ve been waiting for. I want to start off with this since so many asking. Yes, It is normal to feel VERY tired right now. Or even sick. The energy is really strong right now. Your body is feeling it before […]

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