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Venus – The Planet of Love

Love is in the air! Oh, yes it is! Ahhh Valentine’s day… but we also often love to hate you. That is, until we wake up with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates on our front door. Bingo! But, if you’re not feeling like that is going to happen for you this year, […]

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Journey Through the Great Pyramids of Egypt

::The Great Pyramids ::   (The last picture was taken from our bus, you can see the energy around the pyramids) ******* Background: You’re not supposed to have cameras or cell phones in there. “Somehow I missed that memo” and I shoved my phone deep inside my bag. I opened it up to show them […]

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BOUNDARIES look at the word boundARIES Aries! Aries is independent. Aries is a leader. Aries puts itself first. Aries is self reliant. Tap into that part of yourself to develop your boundaries. Your solar plexus will thank you. *** When I see someone that does everything for other people and jumps when someone says to, […]

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Full Moon in Cancer + Emotional Times!

Happy Full MOON at 22 degrees of Cancer. The full moon was exact today at 6:34 am est, however, the energy is still valid for up to 2 days after and this one is a bit intense because of what I will explain below! Cancer energy can definitely allow you feel more emotional and the […]

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11 Days of Light – 11/11 Meaning

Today is a special day. Yes, it’s 11/11 and we’ve all heard some kind of meaning behind it. And yes, I will share with you the basics…. 11 is a master number. Master numbers carry a different vibration with them (Everything is vibration) 1 is about initiation, beginnings, individualization, leadership, (it has a very Aries […]

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11 Days of Light – Intuition & Perspective

Intuition…. Now more than ever before it is so important to listen to your own intuition. We hear things every day on FB, in the news, in other media outlets and we can get easily swayed. Because of this is it sooooo important to listen to your inner guidance. We have seen first hand what […]

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11 Days of Light – Acceptance

This is a special edition one…I wasn’t going to share this out beyond my private FB Women’s group (Are you a part of it? Join here if not!) Ok…so a LOT of emotions going on here with us all, I hope this will help you see even if you are feeling despair right now. It […]

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11 Days of Light – Your Divine Feminine

Salsa….I freaking love it! Some of you know I have been taking it. It is changing my life on so many levels. Yes, I love the music, yes I love the sexy dance…and the sexy latin men! Hello!! BUT it is moving me in ways that I didn’t know possible. Literally and figuratively. I am […]

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11 Days of Light – Truth on Healing

I talked about this on periscope today (psst, if you’re not already following me do so at @healing_paige) but I want to expand further because I see so much resistance to this all the time. Story time…. so yesterday I got a massage. It was great. It’s been a while, I’ve just been busy and […]

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11 Days of Light – Karma

There are many definitions of karma. You will read one thing in a book and then in another you will read something else. I am going to give you my take on Karma as it’s been channeled to me throughout the years. Karma- it’s not good. It’s not bad. You are not being punished for […]

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