Your energy guide on dreams, spirit, and mercury going direct.


On dreams….on spirit….and mercury going direct….

I have been meaning to write this and talk about this subject. Especially after a dream I had the other day that “seemed” to not make any sense until I woke up this morning and read an email from a very popular teacher/business coach of something that just happened in her life.

I dreamed last week that she was going through some tough times. Do I know her personally? No. Do I think about her consciously? No, not really. But it doesn’t really matter because when you dream…or I shall say, when you close your eyes at night and surrender…you open yourself up to the divine matrix of the Universe. You open yourself up to all the universal energies around you. There are no boundaries.

This is why you may dream about “past” life energy or “future” energy…the energy is all actually happening right now. Time is different in other dimensions. It’s an illusion if you will for us here in the 3rd dimensional world. It does not exist like WE understand it in other dimensions.

My crown chakra is very open which is why my dreams are so vivid. So vivid in fact I can see detail down to a corner of a picture sometimes. It can be a little overwhelming when waking up sometimes as I have already gone through a whole day in my head! lol

On boundaries…or lack there of…

Neptune is the planet that allows us to connect higher with spirit and with source energy. This energy leaks, bleeds, oozes, spreads, walks, dances, and slithers it’s way into other realms.

Neptune is an energy that you all have in your birth chart somewhere. It shows where you must sacrifice and give back as it’s part of your karmic debt. It shows where you must move beyond any ego and tap into a higher octave of love. If you don’t (and trust me 99.9% of us don’t until we are conscious of it which takes years and even then we still have trouble with it…but that’s part of life’s lessons…) if you don’t use this energy for the highest good then you often struggle with the shadow side of it and Neptune has a strong shadow side.

It’s a lot of illusion, escapism, addiction, fantasy, or things being constantly out of reach. If it’s connected to Venus as it is in my chart, for example, relationships could be a bit of an illusion. You can have a tendency to attract soul level connections but they don’t always manifest in the physical world.

Please read, YOU ARE NOT DOOMED. Astrology does not dictate your fate. It shows patterns that are likely to occur until someone becomes a more aware being and makes conscious changes and choices in their life.

So what’s all this talk about Neptune?

Neptune is changing directions on Friday, June 12th (2015) and turning retrograde until November. Side note: Planets move direct and go retrograde all the time so this is nothing to be alarmed about.

What I do notice is that in the week prior to a planet changing directions is we start to feel it on all levels of our being. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Physically you may be drained, tried, or feel extra underground.

Emotionally, you may feel confused, foggy, spacey.

Spiritually you may be feeling a larger pull to meditate or to connect deeply with the divine. You may be feeling and getting hints to move beyond the physical world and connect with source energy…the deepest parts of yourself. You might also feel pulled to create as Neptune is a beautiful energy to channel divine creations.

Again please note if you follow my work I am very careful about posting how you may be feeling because I don’t like to put things in people’s head as I know that puts fear in people and it’s not how I like to work. That feels icky to me, it feels like a lower vibration. Hence, also why I don’t do monthly horoscopes anymore…it’s not the highest expression of using Astrology to help guide people to greatness. And as I mentioned before with Neptune in my Chart connecting to Venus all of what I do must be pure and of the highest light or I feel the shadow energy in my life.

This was not a plea to sound like Mother Teresa because God knows I’m not. This was a statement expressing my truth and for all of you that are intuitive and psychic I always put out the welcome to read my energy, read my intention and you will see it’s pure.

So what does Neptune turning retrograde mean for you?

Of course it always depends on what it’s hitting in your chart. For some it could be exactly hitting your sun or another personal planet and that means you are under a period of growth and learning. For others it may not be hitting anything in your birth chart yet you can still feel the energy changing gears during this week and into next if you are extra sensitive. And chances are you are if you’re reading this and follow my work. Like attracts like!

I will be writing more on this so make sure to sign up below for my newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any information on this.

For now, we have Mercury going direct on Thursday June 11th (2015) and Neptune changing directions means there’s a lot of “stuff” floating around our heads right now. This is a time to take note, to allow yourself to dream and to fantasize because when you do you allow messages from spirit to come through. But also remember, don’t go crazy and make any sudden life changing decisions….don’t put it in stone yet because as mercury goes direct you may see things differently.

Remember, energy takes time; things don’t just start and stop exactly the day of. Everything is energy and everything FLOWS.

It’s all a dance, the universe is a dynamic dance. Flow with it, don’t look for certain things to happen on certain dates, you’re beyond that. That’s astrology 101 for lower vibration people.

YOU are wise divine being, let things go, let them flow, don’t get attached to too many emotions or feelings because they are all temporary. Move out of the mind and move into the body… are a human being…so just…be! Don’t control. Let it go and let it flow.

….That’s the way you get to Neptune’s Neverland…and it is there where you will find a deeper kind of love especially with your true, authentic higher-self.

THAT’S the REAL kind of love….other love is usually projections of fears, needs, and wants.

The love with your higher self is as true as you can get. THIS is how you find your truth, happiness, and when you do, you are FREE from all the 3rd dimensional trappings. xoxo

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2 Responses to Your energy guide on dreams, spirit, and mercury going direct.

  1. carolyn June 12, 2015 at 11:09 am #

    Great info…

  2. Summer (Athena) December 9, 2015 at 4:06 pm #

    This is what I’ve been looking for, but wasn’t sure how to find. My whole life I’ve been spiritually aware, very connected to my intuition or 6th sence. My whole life starting in school, I recognized I could feel everyone’s energy, know what they were thinking, ecx. My whole life is a long story of it own but basically I’ve always been searching for people like me, were we could talk about meaning of life, why were here, the bigger picture, the divine I could feel flowing through my vines and yet I felt everyone around my was almost hypnotized, or asleep, they weren’t aware couldn’t relate to what I was talking about. For a long time I felt so alone especially going through the abuse in my home, I’ve only met one person I can get on that deep level with. We haven’t spoken in years due to my parents abuse. I’m 22 now, I can’t hang out with anyone my age. All my friends are 35 up to 60. Them I can tolerate, but still can’t talk about the truth of life, I tried younger and it was a bad mistake. My “best friend” at 15 was merely just someone to trill the emptiness I felt that I couldn’t make sence of. This past year I’ve gone through quite an extreme…I don’t know what to call it, something bigger than spiritual awakening. This desire to learn I feed everyday constantly researching trying to find my answers. Telepathically, I’m not sure if it was a spirit guide or what, explained a lot to me and it all made so much sence but it wouldn’t answer my questions. I was going to commit suicide when it happened. I immediately changed my mind. This past year i feel like it’s been a severe depression that’s sucked all the energy out of me but not my drive of searching and learning. But i almost think it’s some form of spiritual….something. I was desperate to get out of depression. Without being told or taught anything I’m about to say, I just followed what the voice inside told me to do. I started meditating. I got into aromatherapy. And this journey has led me to…magick. Your post is what I’ve been longing to find and didn’t consciously know it. Every word, you answered so many questions and lots of things I’ve wanted to know. You blew me away with your view on astrology,that’s exactly how I feel about it! And you were spot on with how I would be feeling. I’m just so in shock right now. I can feel your pure energy even though your probably miles away I feel connected it makes me feel better to not be so alone in this. You’re amazing please keep up the blog posts, you’ve got a new subscriber :)

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