Happy Spring Equinox! Today marks the start of something NEW!


Congratulations, you made it! Spring is here!

I know it’s been a long winter of soul searching, deep transformation,
and healing for you and today, as the Sun enters Aries; we welcome the
Spring Equinox and enter a new cycle…a new astrological year.
This marks a turning point and transition into a new season…it’s a time of rebirth
and a time to fall in love….

Besides the creepy ghost in the upper right hand (what a weirdo!) this picture
perfectly depicts how we are emerging from darkness into the light.
The beauty of the cycles and patterns in the Universe all point to the timing
of events in our lives…and now is the time for you spread your wings and fly!

Step out of your shadow, shed your skin, and step into your power. Shine your energy
on the world and take a new step in the direction you want!

With the Sun now moving through Aries the energy is all about the NEW!

Aries is the leader…the first one out the gate because they are here to
show the rest of us how to be courageous and go after what you want.

Aries is direct, raw, and wants answers RIGHT NOW! Which… is not always
going to be the case so let’s not forget about the other side of Aries,
you know….the one without any patience and can be slightly too impulsive
at times. (Ahem). It’s true…you know I always give it to you straight!

However, as with all signs we can learn a lot from this warrior energy as it
operates and is concerned with the needs of “self” and thrives on
anything new. Do you see the theme here? Hint hint….it rhymes with
shoe….ah yes….new!

The Spring Equinox marks a time of equal day and night and with this energy
we are brought back into alignment and into balance.

(Just like your new Tempurpedic mattress)


Take some time today to honor where you’ve been, where you’re currently
at, and where you’re going.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come and how your consciousness is
expanding at a rapid rate. Remember, you may not be exactly where you
want to be but you’re a lot closer than you think!

Life is a journey and it’s about taking in the moments that make it special.

Today is one of those special days as it marks a turning point and the start of
something NEW.

Create a ritual for yourself to honor your light within and I have no doubt
that you’ll shine for everyone else as well.

Happy Equinox blessings to you!

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