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How to tap into your karmic gifts instead of exhausting your energy.

Jupiter in the chart tends to be known as karmic blessings and the “Santa Claus” principle because it’s known to deliver your karmic gifts. Now, while I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that notion entirely, I have found that before you can fully tap into those “karmic gifts” there needs to be a few life lessons […]

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Full Moon in Taurus – Embrace the Goddess Within.

  Repost from my Facebook Page: Can you feel it? Sunday’s (11/17/13) FULL MOON in Taurus (at 25 degrees) is almost here….. Themes with this full moon are: values security comfort stability building something tangible self worth love money and your resources – tangible and non tangible. This full moon is highlighting an area of […]

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The Future vs. Now – Where Are You?

Not gonna lie….and I have no need to hide it because I’ve worked SO hard on myself and my career that I have many things to look forward to in 2014!!! (I know this because of the transits and progressions to my birth chart as well as my intuition). There are so many things that […]

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A Positive Spin on Mercury Retrograde…It’s Not Always About The Confusion…

  As the title says, it’s not always about the confusion rather Mercury retrograde is an OPPORTUNITY to REthink and REdiscover new things about yourself and your journey in life. However, you will be happy to know that we are nearing the final days of this Mercury retrograde cycle! On Sunday, November 10th Mercury will begin […]

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