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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – How it will help you expand beyond your subconscious limiting beliefs.

On Saturday, May 25th,  2013 we have another powerful energy taking place, this time it’s a full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurring at 4 degrees Sagittarius. Since eclipses symbolize change and lunar energies rule our subconscious there will be a lot of internal reprogramming/shifting going on. Also, being that it’s a full moon and it’s a time […]

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The Devil Wears Labels

  Labels. Our society is so attached to them. I’m an accountant, a lawyer, a plumber, a teacher, a banker etc…but what if you lost your job and had to wake up and you weren’t an accountant, a lawyer, a plumber, a teacher, or a banker anymore?   What/who are you now?   Your job doesn’t define you.   […]

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How To Relate To Your Partner Better By Learning About Their Sun Sign Element.

  (This article was published on, Jdate’s online magazine).  Let’s face it, relationships can be challenging at times! It’s hard enough to really know what we want, let alone know what our partner wants. In the words of Ryan Gosling’s character from The Notebook, “It’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be really hard. We’re gonna have […]

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